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That was fantastic.

She grew up in the GDR.

The colonnade of the basilica of Saint Peter is truly grand and beautiful.

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We have some encouraging news.

I'd like to be a part of your group.

The doctor knew how to cope with an emergency like this.

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I still think it's unlikely that he'll come today.


If the grain is bad, spice won't help.

I didn't change a thing.

Do you know Professor Brown by any chance?

I'm not exactly sure.

Crush the can before you throw it away.

The ship proceeded to her destination.

This plant is toxic to cats.

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Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.


Now why would I do that?

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I've put money aside in case I run into some unforeseen problem in the future.


I'm sorry you got fired.

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I can't help but feel that I've been set up.

Generally speaking, distance runners are less flexible than sprinters.

Matti made no comment.

They called him a traitor.

Now everything's exposed.


I got this dress for pretty cheap.


You did some work for us a couple of years ago.

He does not live there any more.

Kayvan said there have been a few problems.

Cristopher is under observation.

Bob met her grandfather early in the morning.

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We will not need to add artificial substances to our food.


I have to try doing that at least once.


They lost heart because they had won no games.

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After that, I'll leave for Saigon.

We are soul friends.

James opened the back door to let the dog out.

Olaf explained it.

I meet him at school now and then.

What do you see here?

Do you know each other?

He heard that.

That could be too late.

Greg was my best friend when I was in high school.

A word is enough to a wise man.

Ramesh answered in the affirmative.

So far, they've found nothing.

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What have you done?

Troy began to tell Masanao what had happened.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

I saw the hill.

Skip could be better.

I'll do the same.

Would you be so kind as to post my letter?

It's not bugging me.

Are you seriously thinking about pursuing a career as a race car driver?

Laurel is in his bedroom changing his shirt.

Tomorrow's dress rehearsal starts at one o'clock.


Jordan often watches TV while eating dinner.

One book is thin, and the other is thick.

Do you know what flower to buy on Mother's Day?

She seems to have been in poor health in her childhood.

Does anyone know we're here?

I won't let Narendra do that.

He's too old for her.


Light travels faster than sound.


Jan has his own life to worry about.

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During the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, the height of the tsunami waves reached up to 37.9 meters.

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It's important to separate the rubbish.

We don't always agree.

Adam is quite old.


He liked to blame most of his faults and misfortunes of his life on a tyrannical father.


Through what way could they understand each other? -They could understand each other through a common language.

I can't believe he did that.

Don't blame yourself. It's my fault.

I can survive.

I packed her suitcase for her.

Marian has some money stashed away.

If and only if the ice-cream is vanilla flavour will Xiao Wang eat it.


The aim is to be out of the country within the hour.


I wouldn't have him on the other side in a negotiation.


Stop screaming like a girl.

Don't you realize your behavior reflects on all of us?

What music should we play?

Shakil turned his back on them and left the room.

Mass culture is mainly the product of television.

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Do you think that bothered her?

I was impressed by Bryan's honesty.

I was young at the time.

Toft wrote the script.

Roberta lives next door.


Dan found out more about Linda's past.

What is Ken eating?

Emma is badly wounded.

I wrote Tommy to say I was sorry.

Rakhal doesn't have many books.


What part is wrong?


They went in search of treasure.

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He had to go without food for days.


I'm not exactly sure.

I want to be in the other group.

Randal didn't practice on Monday.

She is ignorant of the world.

I didn't get a job.


I am going to see where they're going.

I want to find my big yellow banana.

I work hard to catch up with the class.


He always wanted to call attention to himself.

We need to explore all possible cures for cancer.

Why do you have to stay in London in this heat?

Mother gives my sister two thousand yen every month.

I didn't try to stop them.


The hare is bleeding from its ear.

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Skip likes beans.


You are all new students.

"I shall buy a new house. How about you?" "No, I will not buy one."

Saqib didn't want anyone looking through his stuff.

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Corey is right, of course.


What's that got to do with him?

He turned red with shame.

Will this affect me?

Nobody's accusing you of a crime.

The prisoner dug a hole under the prison wall.


He knows how to close this window.

Did you find out where Julian lives?

Pria had to rent a car.

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See you in the morning, Sandy.

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The boat was tied to the shore by a cable.

Caleb called me almost every day.

I made friends with him.

I know you're still in there.

I haven't told the kids yet that we're getting divorced.

I'm not sure that's true.

Expect the unexpected.

The sushi at this shop tastes good.

Jeff seems to be ignoring Bryan.


In light of his youth the police have decided not to charge him.

Do you have anything for a headache?

You look your best in this suit.

Nhan picked up the kids after school.

The party was put off for a week.

I used to work in a bank.

Few farms had electricity.

Fill out this registration card, please.

We used to do that.

She should have been killed in the accident, but she survived.

I'm sorry if I snapped at you.


She managed to scare off her attacker by screaming loudly.

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I have Penny on the line.

You intimidate her.

I danced all night long.

You can have a slice of pizza if you want.

"How do you explain that?" "I can't."

My mother is preparing breakfast.

I made that up.

Nothing's going to change my love for you.

Geology is divided into various branches such as mineralogy, petrology, and physical geology.